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WIN a Masterbuilt 560 Digital Cooker and Smoker valued at $499.99, including Kosmos Q Perfect Texas Brisket Bundle of Rubs, Sauces, Mops and Injections valued at $123.60, and there's also 1 month Free KOSMOS Q CLUB Membership valued at $270 which gets you FULL ACCESS to tons of verified knowledge, recipes and secrets from Pitmasters with years of experience. Perfect for backyard grillin' and spending time with family and friends.

⏬⏬⏬  TOTAL VALUE OF PRIZES $1577+    ⏬⏬⏬

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MEET Kosmo

what's up, Kosmo here 
and welcome to The ultimate Brisket giveaway.  

I have created this monthly giveaway for barbeque lovers and backyard grillers Just Like you as our way of giving back and with the spirit of bringing families together to create lasting memories.  We have also made it so easy for you, simply enter your name and email address and click the "enter me now" button and you be instantly entered.

Also, on the next page, you'll receive all the information that shows you how you could start winning some additional instant Prizes worth over $4100 simply by sharing with your friends and family.

So go ahead... enter your first name, your email address and click the "Enter Me Now" Button and you could be our next winner.

P.S. If someone you shared this with wins any of the 3 main prizes above, I'll give you that exact same prize as well.  Sound good?

"At Kosmos Q We Love What We Do. We Take Every Opportunity To Have Fun And Enjoy A Great BBQ, And So Should You. So From Our Family To Yours, Have Fun, Light That Royal Oak And Do What You Love - Peace "

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